About the app

The Decisions on the Rules of Golf is the official interpretation of the Rules of Golf from the R&A – the game’s governing body. It provides clear answers to practical golfing problems. Decisions follow a simple question-and-answer format, making them easy to understand and act upon.

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At last there’s an app that contains all the Decisions as agreed by R&A Rules Limited and the USGA in 2012 (the last time the Rules were updated). No longer do you have to navigate your way through the 700 pages in the official book!

The Decisions on the Rules of Golf not only services all your Rules needs, but includes useful videos and illustrations so you can see how they are implemented. You can even store Decisions that you frequently refer to, or that you think you might need, in the ‘My Decisions’ section.

This is the perfect app for:

  • Golfers of all levels
  • Pros
  • Rules officials
  • Golf Club Committee members
  • Armchair enthusiasts

It will assist in resolving Rules problems, both simple and complicated, which arise at all levels of competitive golf. Everything from the order of play when two balls are lost in a lateral water hazard, to how to proceed once an opponent has played your ball by mistake.

If you’re serious about golf, Decisions on the Rules of Golf is your ultimate Rule companion.

About the R&A

Based in St Andrews, The R&A organises The Open Championship, major amateur events and international matches. Together with the United States Golf Association, The R&A governs the game worldwide, jointly administering the Rules of Golf, Rules of Amateur Status, Equipment Standards and World Amateur Golf Rankings. The R&A’s working jurisdiction is global, excluding the United States and Mexico.

The R&A is committed to working for golf and supports the growth of the game internationally and the development and management of sustainable golf facilities. The R&A operates with the consent of 143 organisations from the amateur and professional game and on behalf of over thirty million golfers in 128 countries.